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Educate. Empower. Inspire.

We believe that this lack of financial education comes from poor accessibility to educational resources and guidance, as well as poor social determinants that hinder growth. Not only do these determinants put individuals at a disadvantage when managing personal finances, but also impedes their ability to navigate modern markets. At Simple Picks, we are determined to change this narrative by providing our community with the resources and support necessary for them to take on the financial markets with confidence and composure.

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An Unparalleled Ecosystem in Personal Finance

Simple Picks is an innovative and rapidly developing think tank community of forerunning leaders. From inception, our mission has always been to provide both novel and experienced millennials with the resources required for them to navigate modern financial markets, and thrive towards financial freedom. We accomplish this through fostering a collegial ecosystem of like-minded individuals who look to take control of their financial circumstances. This ecosystem is committed to be an unparalleled open space that encourages financial literacy, data-centric decision making, and the development of sustainable wealth.

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Low Cost To Entry

Traditionally, the retail trading space has lacked proper expertise at the right COST. It is extremely hard for the average retail investor to receive the correct foundation and necessary tools to determine if trading/investing is for them. Ultimately, we aim to bring you success at a low cost of entry into the industry. The investing community is filled with many con-artists and scammers who preach and do not teach. We aim to even the playing field.

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